Disha objective NCERT xtraxt chemistry free pdf download

 Disha's New Syllabus Objective NCERT Xtract Chemistry with 3 Mock Tests for NEET (UG) 8th Edition | One Liner Theory, MCQs on every line of NCERT, Previous Year Question Bank PYQs

Latest disha objective ncert xtract chemistry pdf download 

Disha offers the 8th New Expanded Edition of the New Syllabus Objective NCERT Xtract CHEMISTRY for NEET, which is now far more powerful than the previous one, in light of NMC's changes to the NEET (UG) 2024 syllabus.
  1. " objective ncert at your fingertips chemistry" new chapter on practical chemistry and a revised curriculum in line with the NMC's latest syllabus have been included to the book.
  2.  The book - "disha ncert xtract chemistry" offers Topical NCERT ONE-LINER Notes that cover every topic without omitting any, together with ONE-LINER versions of NEET previous year's multiple-choice questions.3
  3. There are 22 chapters in this book: 10 for class 11 and 12 for class 12.
  4. Every Chapter can be split into two sections:
  5. # Section I: Study & Edit: 
  6. TREND BUSTER, which identifies the Most and Least Important Topics, opens each chapter.
  7. Each chapter begins with TREND BUSTER, which lists the Most and Least Important Topics based on the previous eight years' NEET/JEE Main questions. Topical NCERT xtraxt ONE-LINER Notes are provided in the book, which includes an excerpt of previous years' MCQs from NEET/JEE Main, all without skipping a single idea.
  8. Additional Hints, Tricks, and Methods One-Liners to Offer Extra Inputs for Speedy Problem Solving #Part II - Practice & Excel:
  9. Four different sorts of objective exercises covering every possible set of questions from JEE Main and NEET follow this.
  10. 1. Ample number of MCQs powered by the NCERT Page Locator, based on NCERT and topic-wise, in accordance with the NCERT Flow.
  11. 2.  The disha xtraxt pdf make concepts, applications, and skills of the NCERT Exemplar and previous years' NEET and JEE Main MCQs are categorized.
  • Quick Theory in One Liner Format as per NMC Syllabus
  • NCERT + NEET PYQs in One Liner Format
  • MCQs on every line of NCERT
  • Previous Year Questions PYQs (2023-2016)
  • 2 & 4/5 Statements, Matching & AR MCQs

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FAQ's regarding book -

Q: 11 and 12 both students study on this book? 
A: Yes

Q: Does this book contains assertion reasoning question? 
A: Yes!! It contains a separate section for assertion reason for each chapter

Q: Is this contain complete neet chemistry syllabus? 
A: Yes

Q: How many past year questions this book has? Like which year?
A: 29 year

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