Chemhack 4th edition by parth goyal free pdf download

CHEMHACK 4th Ed. : For NEET UG & JEE : Class XI & XII Chemistry (English)

 Parth goyal chemhack pdf free download, best book for chemistry for neet/jee

Parth Goyal has discovered a new method for studying fact-based material more quickly and effectively called CHEMHACK. You can get NEET-worthy questions in CHEMHACK that are derived from every single NCERT line. These are not multiple-choice questions (MCQs), but rather fill-in-the-blank, true/false, one-word, one-line questions designed to speed up review and question practice while also avoiding guesswork. "Best book for chemistry for neet/jee" With all of his knowledge, "Parth Goyal" has created these challenging and complex NCERT questions so that students can anticipate where they will make their next "silly mistake." With the help of this book, chemistry will become very easy for you, and you'll achieve your best grades without having to put in a lot of effort. CHEMHACK revise your all chemistry of class 12th and chemistry for class 11th in less time which is very crucial to study another subject by utilising that time. 

Key features of this book -

1.100% NCERT Covered – All the important facts of NCERT are covered.
Only theory not important from an exam point of view is omitted.
2)  Parth Goyal came hack based on Active call of NCERT and including a single line. 
3) DigaQs – These are “pikachu” like cute questions which will pop-up in between making the PDF
aesthetic! It contains all important diagrams with their labelling removed.
4) Essence of CHEMHACK (Active Recall) – Instead of reading NCERT theory again and again for revision
(which is a boring process to be true), asking questions from it is better because it will make us more
focused and make the revision process fun and faster!
5) More active recall than ever – discovered a new trick to make you more attentive than everever by parth goyal CHEMHACK
We have seen that people give more attention to things when they notice something “weird” or opposite than
“normal”. I can’t tell you about it fully, but yaa I can give a hint, questions are framed in such a way that
you will have to think twice before answering and hence no passive reading can take place!
6) Short questions so that revision can be fast- like take an example, “____ no of spiracles are present
in cockroach” is converted to “____ no of spiracles”. It will be obvious to you that this question is about
cockroach (because it will be in cockroach biohack) But this small reduction in no of words in each
question successively will save a lot of time and will cause bullet-train superfast revision!
7) Some relevant out of NCERT Questions are also included. 
8) Mnemonics integrated with answer. 

File details 
225 Pages
Language: English
Publisher: GOYAL CEMEN

About the Author
This book is written by Parth Goyal, who is currently a MBBS Student, and himself cleared NEET with AIR 223 & JEE with 99.45%ile. This book is based on the same idea as the highly successful book of Parth Goyal named "BIOHACK" & "CHEMHACK ". Parth Goyal has guided thousands of students to achieve their dream colleges, and this book is the result of all the love and affection that he get through his students. 

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