Ace biology disha publication pdf download free download

 New Syllabus ACE Biology Vol. 1 & 2 for NEET 2024 - 5th Edition | Based on the new syllabus by NMC | 100% useful for CUET & Class 11/ 12

Ace biology disha publication pdf download free download NEET/CUET and board's

"Ace Biology for Neet 2024 volume 1 and volume 2" is mainly based on the new and reduced syllabus for NEET 2024, NMC reduce the syllabus for next academic year Hindi scenario menu of chapter from the each subject like physics chemistry and bio removed from the syllabus. Those topics are 
What is Living?
Plant Life Cycles and Alternation of Generations
Modifications of Root, Stem, Leaves, Leguminosae....
The Tissues, Secondary Growth
Animal Tissues, Cockroach, Earthworm
Organisms and its Environment
On the other hand many of the topic has included in the syllabus dose topic also are very important for the better understanding of biology, those topics are 
Family (Cruciferae, Malvaceae, Compositae...)
Classification and Nomenclature of Enzymes
Protein Biosynthesis
Dengue, Chikungunya, Tobacco Abuse
Sacred Groves. 
   Disha Ace biology for neet make your preparation more smooth and simple because all Ncert question exemplar question practice question and previous years question in one book, this book package of all necessary preparation tools. 

Key features of this book -

1. Based on the Revised Syllabus by NMC Comprehensive NCERT mapped theory
2. 2023-2013 Previous Year Questions Level
3. Practice Exercises in 2 Levels
4. "Ace biology disha publication" Each Exercise has 2 Parts:
- Simple MCQs Must for Class 11
-  New Pattern MCQs
5. Ace biology disha publication contain all important one liner question. 
6. Students practice lots of question and different type of question by using this book. 
7. Updated NMC regulated syllabus for neet/jee

File - Ace biology disha publication pdf download free download
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