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 Authentic SHORTCUTS, TIPS, TRICKS & TECHNIQUES in physics for JEE Main, Advanced & KVPY

Shortcut tips & tricks for jee mains physics pdf

Competitive tests, such as JEE, test your conceptual knowledge and speed at accurately solving problems. Authentic SHORTCUTS, TIPS & TRICKS in PHYSICS for JEE Main, Advanced & KVPY, authored by renowned author Er. D. C. Gupta, is a unique and innovative book that DISHA Publications brings to the table in order to help aspirants with advanced abilities complete KVPY, JEE Main & Advanced level Questions well within the allotted time. The book is divided into 24 chapters. The first chapter is titled Review of Important Formulae. Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks, and Illustrations showing Shortcut Solutions follow. All all, the book includes: 
1. 250+ Chapter- and Topic-specific Shortcuts, Tips, and Tricks for solving JEE Level Problems.
2. More than 500 illustrations that provide concise answers to JEE level questions, including past years' questions.

Key features of Authentic shortcut, tips, tricks and technique for physics 

  • 250+ Chapter-wise & Topic- wise Short-cut Tips & Tricks to solve JEE Level Problems.
  • 500+ Illustrations with Shortcut Solutions of JEE Level Questions including JEE Past Years Questions.
  • Disha authentic shortcuts, tips and tricks also have video Solutions of Selected JEE Level Questions.
  • 325+ Chapter-wise JEE Level Questions Exercise with Accurate & Shortest Possible. Solutions.
  • Chapter-wise & Topic-wise 350+ Important Formulae & Key Theory Concepts
  • Shortcuts to help you in providing a different perspective to a concept/ problem thus strengthening your conceptual understanding.
  • Tips provides you the Most Important Points to remember that aids in Conceptual Understanding & Problem Solving.
  • Tips Tricks & Technique empowers you with magical tools that help you develop unique approaches to solve a problem.
  •  Shortcut Solutions provides alternate faster methods that save you a lot of time during examination.


Size of File : 50MB

Number Of Pages : 443

Quality : good quality


Published by : DISHA publication

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