360 NCERT biology for neet (ug) pdf

360 NCERT Biology for NTA NEET (UG) & Class 11 - 12 with Previous Year Solved Questions | Detailed Theory with 6 Level of Practice Exercise Biology

Latest neet biology book "360 ncert  biology by seep pahuja class 11th & 12th book pdf 

Latest neet "360 NCERT Biology" is wonderful and complete package for your Neet Biology updated syllabus which serve complete theory-cum-exercise book to command on biology for class 11th & 12th.
          "360 ncert biology" get in touch by "ship pahuja" with the association of Disha Publication, this book is satisfy by many specification which make this book and ideal book for Neet biology practicing as well as for theory here the list of some of the specification of this book.. 
•Dual aprroch - each chapter of "360 ncert biology by seep pahuja" is level by two key points topic deep theory and six type of exercise. 
•Trend analysis with current scenario - a chapter and topic of this book is ready ready by remembering difficulty level of exam with current scenario. 
•Fill in the blanks - every chapter and topic and with a exercise question which gave you confidence on their specific chapter or topics.
•Mind maps - every topic is simplified easy-to- understand by this you can go through all topic just before the exam. 

Key features of 360 ncert biology -

1. Each and every topic is designe d to remembering the current scenario of exam as well as difficulty level.
2. Specific section namely beyond the NCERT is for additional knowledge about their particular topic. 
3. Theory is completely NCERT based which give you the confidence over the NCERT line by line. 
4. "360 ncert biology" practice program are mainly dividing into two levels level 1 and level 2.
5. Book leaving you all new pattern type of questions likewise assertion reason type questions, statement based questions, Matrix matching type questions, and two statement type question. 
6. "360 ncert biology by seep pahuja" cover your NCERT exemplar specific questions and theory which student mainly for getting whenever reading the NCERT. 
7. Previous year question also included in this book so that's make this book is idea for practicing questions, pyq and current difficulty level questions etc. 

About the publisher -

This book is published by the Disha Publication India's leading publisher of print and digital learning metrial with strength in school, college, competitive exam, e-books, test series and modules. 

About auther - 

Educator seep pahuja is one of the top biology teacher in India she is Gate qualified biology expert and gold medalist in same field as well she inspiring lacks of student which are in Government Medical College and producing multiple AIR. 360 ncert biology first book which seep pahuja has written alone 

File name - 360 ncert biology by seep pahuja pdf download

Page - 900 

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Summary - 

Whether you are preparing for board exams, competitive entrance tests, or simply aiming to improve your chemistry skills, this PDF promises to be an indispensable resource. It encompasses a wide array of strategies that simplify complex chemical concepts, making learning engaging and efficient. From chemical reactions to periodic trends, the guide equips readers with the knowledge and techniques to tackle any chemistry challenge.

"360 ncert biology by seep pahuja " book cover your all previous year question with authentic and simply solution based answer with "360 ncert biology by seep pahuja" in their questions as well as solution. Previous year question play a major role in any competitive exam so student should be practicing the previous year question by this book which helps your preparation a lot. 

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