Strengthening Physics for Competitive Exams

Turn Your Physics From Zero To Hero

Physics could be the toughest subject for you. To get a good rank and finally a good college, you need to do well in physics as well. With the increasing competition, it has become necessary to excel in all the subjects. This is not possible until you give time to all your subjects with full honesty. Students have questions in their minds about getting 160+ marks in the physics section of NEET or 90+ marks in the JEE Mains physics. Similar questions may prevail in your mind too. So, In this post, our principal focus will be on preparing physics in an understanding and scoring way. 

What Makes the Physics Hard? 

Physics is hard for most of the students. It's mainly because it involves concept-based challenging questions. The difficulty mainly arises when your concepts are not clear. For NEET students, the use of mathematical tools may enhance the difficulty level further. Their attitude of learning everything creates other major problems for them in Physics. Though they may get a good score in Biology and Chemistry, they can't get good marks in Physics by just learning. Those who are preparing for IITs mainly face concept-based problems. The multi-conceptual questions make physics hard for them. A common mistake done by the students preparing for competitive exams involves solving a larger number of questions without understanding the concepts. It will not help you at all until you clear your concepts of each chapter. Physics takes the exam of your concepts and how you apply them for solving the questions. By changing your approach to understanding, you can get good marks in this subject.


Physics consists of:
  1. Mechanics
  2. Heat and Thermodynamics
  3. SHM and Waves
  4. Electrodynamics
  5. Magnetism
  6. Modern Physics
Almost equal weightage for class 11 and class 12 syllabus, and hence you must focus on both classes. Your preparation must start from the start of class 11.
For a detailed physics syllabus, click here.

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Preparation Tips 

1. Prepare a time timetable:


Time management is very important for every student. Teachers, Parents, friends, or any other relatives can guide you in your preparation, but time management can be learned and practiced by yourself only. For the preparatory work to be done on time, you need to have your time utilized effectively. Here, comes the need for preparing a timetable. A well-prepared timetable will help you in giving time to each subject according to the requirement. It will increase your concentration as you will be giving time on only one subject at a particular time, leaving the rest subject aside. It will increase your efficiency, teach you the importance of discipline, and many more. Overburdened timetable and low-quality timetable will give just waste your time and will lead to your failure. So, prepare your timetable according to your capability and availability of time. You must take a break at regular intervals. You must stick to your timetable regularly. Furthermore, you will face some difficulty initially, but once your body adapts to the routine, you will be automatically according to it.

2. Start with the basics:

Always start your preparation from basic levels. You will be not able to understand the advanced concepts until you have cleared your basic concepts. Go through the NCERT books, which are crucial for building good basic concepts. It has been devised in such a manner that the concepts are easy to be understood. It covers the whole syllabus for your competitive exam. Another profit of using NCERT is that questions in the competitive exams are asked from it. So, by mastering the NCERT one can easily get a good score in the exam.

3. Note making:

Note-making is another crucial factor for your success. They are generally made to make the process of memorization easy. It consists of formulas, flow charts, mind maps, etc. It helps in the revision of principal concepts and formulas in an easy way. Thus, saving your time and energy. It helps you to overcome the last-minute chaos and disorderliness. Many students consider this process to be very difficult but it's not like they think. For easy note-making tricks visit: The Art of NOTE MAKING Is Essential For Your Competitive Success. Read This To Find Out Why?

4. Practice Problems:

It's well said that practice makes a man perfect. So, it's important to practice questions. Physics consists of many concepts and formulas. You need to know the use of different formulas in different situations. For this, you need to practice problems of different types. So, you need some reference books from where you can solve different types of questions based on different concepts. But the question arises of how to choose the best book for the preparation? Its answer is simple. The book which has questions at the end of each topic and concept is the best. As it will help you in gaining full control over that topic, and you can move on to other topics without any doubt or confusion. It will also increase your confidence as you go from one topic to another. Best books consist of questions within the syllabus of that exam. They don't have useless questions out of the syllabus. Many books consist of problems of the same type repeatedly, they are useless and will surely waste your time.

5. Previous Year Questions:


Previous year questions are important as per the competitive exam concern. So, it's important to solve the previous year's questions. It will help you in understanding the type and difficulty level of questions asked in the exams. It will familiarize you with the question pattern. Many times questions are repeated with some modifications. Practicing these questions will increase your confidence and decrease your stress. They will help you in finding the important chapters to work upon the most. At last, it will increase your speed and accuracy, which will be beneficial during the exam. 

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6. Mock Tests:


Mock tests are a crucial part of exam preparation. It will help you in getting an analysis of the extent of your preparation for your exams. It will help you in getting your weak areas where you need to work more. The mock tests give you an idea of the actual exam and help you to analyze your preparation and performance. It teaches you time management, which is an important factor in competitive exams.

To learn more about the importance of mock tests, visit our blog. Click Here

7. Revision:


Revision is important as it will help you to keep the before learned topics and concepts in memory for a long time. Many students keep on going ahead without revising the previously learned concepts. It will create a big problem in the end, and you will need to start your journey again. So, it's necessary to revise the topics again and again. You must include a revision time in your timetable. A smart revision technique(like mind maps, formula notebooks, etc.) will help you to save a lot of time. It also includes revision of attempted questions and skipped questions of the mock tests.

Physics Preparation: Self study vs Coaching

A most common question among the students, whether to go for Self-study or Coaching? It's difficult to answer as it depends on many factors. Here, I am going to compare the benefits and demerits of both means of study. It will help you in choosing the best option for you. 

  • Going for the coaching institutes is much expensive as compared to the self study. 
  • Coaching institutes provide updated materials according to the latest trends and updates. Self-study is time taking with the selection of the best books with the updated syllabus and latest trends. Some reference books may also contain useless questions and hence waste your time. 
  • Coaching institutes help solve the doubts on time. But, if you are going for self-study no proper guidance and doubt solving. You rely on your friends, elder brothers, or other relatives, or YouTubes for doubt solving. Going for YouTube may distract you from your study. 
  • Coaching institutes provide a collection of questions within the syllabus range. But, self-study will make you face many questions which are out of your syllabus.
Rest lies on you. 




Physics is not too hard as you might think. You will start enjoying Physics, and its numerical, once you have the concepts and formulas at your fingertips. Following these steps will help you to boost your Physics marks and confidence for your exam. Each step is important for you if you want to take your Physics from Zero to Hero level. Practicing the problem will help you to master the concepts. Revision is as important as practicing problems and solving mock tests. Previous Year questions give you an idea of the actual exam. Don't leave this subject, rather give equal time to it as you do for other subjects. Best of luck.
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