NEET/JEE Success - A complete Guide to Attempt Mock Tests

How to turn MOCK tests into SUCCESS

For those who are preparing for NEET or JEE 

Are you preparing for the NEET/JEE 2022 or 2023? If yes, then you must know that you are among the millions of students who are preparing for these entrance tests. To get a good rank among the millions, you must have your strategy, and you are strict to it. But, do you know out of the millions only 40,000 - 50,000 get seats in the Government Medical/Engineering College? We can't conclude that those who didn't qualify in your exam, didn't study and made a time pass. Maybe you are one of them. So, I am here to correct your mistake which you made, or you will make in future NEET/JEE. Most of the students who appear for NEET study and revise. But, most of them miss the key which make the student success in any competitive exam. It is the pool between the study and revision. Of course, I am talking about the Mock Tests. Mock test is very important if you want to excel in any competitive exam. The Mock test allows you to get an idea of the actual examination and helps you to analyze your preparation and performance. It teaches you the time management which is the most important factor for the competitive exams. 
Some students try mock test, but still they are not able to get good marks and rank. This is mainly because they don't do so effectively. Attempting a mock test is not only solving the questions, but also analyzing yourself for weak areas where you need more work. Here, I will tell you how to increase your marks with the mock test or the strategy to solve the mock tests for success. 

Test analysis:

It's the most important thing which you must do after the completion of the mock test. Just attending a mock test will not improve your performance. You must determine your weakness and errors(silly mistakes and conceptual mistakes). You must determine the skipped questions and guessed questions.

1) Correctly Attempted questions:

You have a good control over these topics, but you need to analyse them too. Yeah, many students leave these questions in the hope that they did it well. But, it may include the guessed question which got correct. Firstly, I will suggest not to make guesses during the mock test. But if you do write it down separately so that you can clear it out after the test. Another thing which you need to focus is the time you took for solving these questions. Now you have to check for those questions which you were not able to sort out within the time limit. Search for the shortcuts if it exists (I believe that the questions are smartly prepared, and they can be solved within the time limits with smartness). Many mock test providers give you report of time taken for each question, they are for mainly time analysis and improvement.

2) Incorrectly Attempted questions:

You made the attempt that means you know the topic, but your concepts are not clear, or you have done a silly mistake. Mock tests not only help you to clear your concepts, but also help you to avoid your silly mistakes. You must note these questions separately and revise them timely. 

3) Skipped Questions:

Either you lost the concept or you don't know about the topic. These are the topics you need to work more than the others. You must read the topics related to these questions and practise more questions based on these topics. 

Result analysis:

If you are scoring good, then it's fine, and you are giving your best. Keep going and you will surely excel the Exam. But, those who are not scoring good, should not worry about the results. Many students stop attempting Tests and may go into depression. Actually what happens initially when you are attempting the mock tests, you are coming across new topics and questions of new types. You need to get those questions and clear them out in spite of being nervous and depressed. Once you have faced each concepts and question types, a time will come when your score will start increasing(if you continue your efforts).

Deal with Mistakes

Mistakes are common, but as you will practice it will be minimized. You must note down your  wrong attempts, unnecessary calculations and time spent on questions, silly mistakes and make your own record. Revise this notebook before attempting the next mock test. 

Improve these mistakes before giving the another test within the time limit, and you will see the difference in the next mock test. 


At last, I will conclude that mock tests are crucial for the improvements along with the revision and practice. Without mock tests, you will be not able to get good marks and ranks in the competitive exams. So, attempt mock tests, but never let your confidence down with your low scores or become overconfident with your high scores. Always remember, Good results are obtained by constant efforts. There are many mock tests providers like Allen, Akash etc. There are many books consisting of mock tests like provided by MTG. 


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