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The elements of coordinate geometry


The book 'Elements of Coordinate Geometry' by S. L. Loney is a fundamental book on analytical geometry in Mathematics for school and college students. Even after a century, it is still now an unparalleled book on two-dimensional coordinate geometry and it creates the backbone of a student who loves mathematics.

The newly updated edition of ‘Elements of Coordinate Geometry Part 1- Cartesian Coordinates’ deals with the modern treatment of various concepts of Coordinate Geometry, presented in a manner suitable for beginners and junior students. The book only focuses on Cartesian and Polar Coordinates, divided into 2 parts. Each chapter in the book begins with point wise introduction of the various concepts that are covered under a particular topic, followed by examples to help the competitors in understanding the concepts better.  It showcases theoretical explanations of various important topics of Coordinate Geometry, in order to provide complete understanding to the competitors.Apart from giving conceptual clarity, it also helps in enhancing the practical knowledge with inbuilt practice sets and detailed and authentic solutions. Covering all aspects of Coordinate Geometry, it will surely serve as the complete elementary textbook for studying different concepts of Coordinate Geometry. This book inculcates;

1.       The Classical Text series ‘best seller’ – collection of classic pieces of work
2.       Works as elementary text book building the concepts
3.       Presents modern treatment of concepts of Coordinate Geometry
4.       Divided into17 Chapters5.Each chapter carries theoretical explanations and unsolved practice exercise
6.       Chapterwise study notes with  miscellaneous examples
7.       Covers all the aspects of Cartesian Coordinates with effective explanation


Chapter1- Introduction, Chapter 2- Coordinates, Chapter 3- Locus, Chapter 4- The Straight Line Rectangular Coordinates, Chapter 5- The Straight Line Polar Equations & Oblique Coordinates, Chapter 6- Equations Representing Two Or More Straight Lines, Chapter 7- Transformation Of Coordinates, Chapter 8- The Circle, Chapter 9- Systems Of Circles, Chapter 10- Conic Sections. The Parabola, Chapter 11- The Parabola (Continued), Chapter 12- The Ellipse,Chapter 13- The Hyperbola, Chapter 14- Polar Equation To A Conic, Chapter 15-General Equation. Tracing Of Curves, Chapter 16- General Equation, Chapter 17-Miscellaneous Propositions, Answers


S.L Loney (Sidney Luxton Loney) was a British mathematician born in 1860 and passed away in 1939. He is best known for his work in mathematical analysis and geometry, and is the author of several influential textbooks in these areas.

Loney studied at the University of Cambridge, where he earned a degree in mathematics. He then went on to teach at various schools and colleges, including Haileybury College and the Royal Holloway College, where he eventually became a professor.

Loney's most famous works include "Plane Trigonometry" and "Elements of Coordinate Geometry", both of which were widely used as textbooks in schools and universities. He also wrote several other books on topics such as spherical trigonometry and algebra.

Loney's contributions to mathematics were significant and his textbooks helped to shape the way mathematics was taught in schools and universities. His works continue to be studied and referenced today.

S.L. Loney wrote several influential mathematics textbooks, including:

"Plane Trigonometry" - This textbook covers the basic concepts of trigonometry, including trigonometric ratios, identities, and equations. It is widely regarded as a classic text in the field and has been used as a standard textbook in schools and universities for many years.

"Elements of Coordinate Geometry" - This textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to coordinate geometry, including topics such as lines, conic sections, and transformations. It is also widely used as a textbook in schools and universities.

"Spherical Trigonometry" - This book covers the principles and applications of spherical trigonometry, which is the study of triangles on the surface of a sphere. It is a valuable resource for students and researchers studying astronomy, geography, and other fields.

"A Treatise on Elementary Dynamics" - This textbook covers the principles of dynamics, which is the study of the motion of objects under the influence of forces. It includes topics such as Newton's laws of motion, work and energy, and rotational motion.

Overall, S.L. Loney's textbooks are known for their clear and concise explanations of mathematical concepts, and their emphasis on problem-solving and application.


S.L. Loney's books are widely respected and recommended because of several reasons:

Clarity of Explanation: Loney's books are known for their clear and concise explanations of mathematical concepts. His writing style is accessible and easy to understand, making his books ideal for students and teachers at all levels.

Emphasis on Problem-Solving: Loney's textbooks emphasize the importance of problem-solving in mathematics. His books contain numerous exercises and examples that are designed to help students develop their problem-solving skills and apply mathematical concepts in real-world situations.

Comprehensive Coverage: Loney's textbooks provide a comprehensive coverage of the topics they cover. His books are well-organized and cover all the essential concepts and techniques in each subject area.

Historical Significance: Loney's textbooks have historical significance as they have been used for several decades as standard textbooks in schools and universities. They have played a significant role in shaping the way mathematics is taught and learned.

Overall, S.L. Loney's books are highly recommended for students, teachers, and researchers in mathematics and related fields because of their clarity, emphasis on problem-solving, comprehensiveness, and historical significance.

The elements of coordinate geometry PDF download

Sl loney coordinate geometry PDF



Q- What are the parts of coordinate geometry?
Image result for the elements of coordinate geometry
Coordinate geometry is subdivided into various sections like:
Straight Lines.

Q- How many chapters are in coordinate geometry?
The book has been divided into seven chapters namely Coordinate Systems and Coordinates, the Straight Line, Pairs of Straight Line, Circle, Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola, each containing definitions along with figures for better understanding of the topics.

Q- What are the topics under coordinate geometry class 11?
Class 11 Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry
Coordinate axes.
Coordinate planes.
Coordinate of point in space.
Distance between two points.
Section formula.


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