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"Higher Algebra" by Hall & Knight pdf is a classic textbook which is available for Download For IIT JEE on algebra. It covers topics such as algebraic equations, determinants, matrices, progressions, permutations and combinations, binomial theorem, partial fractions, theory of equations, and symmetric functions. The book is intended for undergraduate students and is written in a clear and concise style. It includes many examples and exercises, with solutions provided at the end of the book.

Although "Higher Algebra PDF" by Hall & Knight is a popular textbook, it should be noted that it was first published in the early 20th century, and therefore may not cover some of the more modern topics in algebra. Additionally, the presentation and style may not be to everyone's taste. Nonetheless, it remains a valuable resource for those seeking an introduction to algebra or for those interested in the history of mathematics education.


Henry Sinclair Hall and Samuel Ratcliffe Knight were British mathematicians who co-authored several textbooks on mathematics, including "Higher Algebra", "Elementary Trigonometry", and "Algebra for Beginners". Their textbooks were widely used in British schools and universities in the early 20th century and were highly regarded for their clear explanations and thorough coverage of the subject matter.

Henry Sinclair Hall was born in 1876 and attended Trinity College, Cambridge, where he received a degree in mathematics. He went on to teach at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich and later at the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich. In addition to his work as an educator, Hall also made contributions to the field of astronomy and served as the president of the Royal Astronomical Society from 1949 to 1951.

Samuel Ratcliffe Knight was born in 1882 and also attended Trinity College, Cambridge, where he received a degree in mathematics. He went on to teach at the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich, where he met Hall. Knight also made contributions to the field of mathematics, particularly in the area of trigonometry.

Together, Hall and Knight co-authored several textbooks that have become classics in the field of mathematics. Their books were widely used in British schools and universities and continue to be studied by students around the world today.


Hall And Knight Arihant PDF : The Hall and Knight books, including "Higher Algebra" and "Algebra for Beginners," are considered classics in the field of mathematics education. They are widely regarded as some of the best textbooks ever written on the subject, and have been used by generations of students around the world.

There are several reasons why Hall and Knight books are so highly regarded:

Clear and concise explanations: The authors of these textbooks were experts in their field and had a deep understanding of the subject matter. They were able to explain complex mathematical concepts in a clear and concise manner that was easy for students to understand.

Thorough coverage of the subject: Hall and Knight books cover a wide range of topics in algebra and other branches of mathematics. They start with the basics and build up to more advanced topics, ensuring that students have a solid foundation before moving on to more challenging material.

Many examples and exercises: The books contain numerous examples and exercises to help students reinforce their understanding of the material. The exercises are carefully designed to gradually increase in difficulty, so students can progress at their own pace.

Detailed solutions: The authors provide detailed solutions to the exercises at the end of each chapter. This allows students to check their work and identify any areas where they may need further practice.

Overall, Hall and Knight books are highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn algebra or improve their understanding of mathematics. They are a valuable resource for students, teachers, and anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of this fascinating subject.



Q- Is Hall and Knight good for algebra?
Algebra by Hall and Knight is one of the best books for JEE preparation. Students preparing for IIT JEE and other engineering entrance exams as well as students appearing for board exams should read this everyday, especially to master Algebra and Probability.

Q- What is the content of Hall and Knight Higher Algebra?
The present book has been divided into 35 chapters namely Ratio, Proportion, Variation, Arithmetical Progression, Geometrical Progression, Harmonical Progression Theorems Connected with The Progression, Scales of Notation, Surds & Imaginary Quantities, The Theory of Quadratic Equations, Miscellaneous Equations, ...


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